Equity Products & Services

Cash Equities Sales & Trading

Well-established relationships mean our sales team is positioned to articulate distinctive views and ideas that help sift through the ‘noise’ of information flow and cut to the key points of value. Access to our research analysts, corporate management and targeted marketing activities, including our industry-leading Conference Series, means our sales team can provide specific investment strategies and help institutional investors with their performance.

Scotiabank offers competitive overall execution capabilities. With our major presence in Canadian and U.S. equity products and effective use of technology, we strive to access maximum liquidity in all areas, whether through blocks, working orders, or other mandates. Our traders bring a breadth of educational and professional backgrounds to the job and all possess a wealth of experience in the market itself. We also distinguish ourselves through the depth of our client relationships and our reputation for transparency and integrity in dealing with clients and the market.

Scotiabank’s Global Equity Corporate Access team works closely with corporations in their efforts to communicate strategy and new developments to the Global investor community. For more information, please visit our Corporate Access page.

Absolute Return / Arbitrage Group

The Absolute Return/Arbitrage Group is a sales and trading team that focuses on global hedge funds. The mandate is to focus on event-driven, risk arbitrage, capital structure arbitrage and basic long/short trading ideas. Our client base includes:

  • Domestic, U.S. and European “pure” hedge funds
  • Traditional fundamental accounts with “absolute return” mandates
  • Quant or broker-idea “alpha-capture” funds and “idea-driven” funds

Portfolio Trading and Index Group

Scotiabank has an extensive suite of proprietary tools for basket trading, including comprehensive pre and post trade analytics. Our technology platform allows traders to dynamically adjust, monitor and measure executions in real-time. Our algorithmic architecture has been designed in-house to reflect the ever-changing demands of today's rapidly evolving markets and reacts to market microstructure data in real-time.

Scotiabank's in-depth Index Research provides clients with the framework to make informed decisions around major index events. Our seasoned Index Analyst provides clients with trade ideas for most Canadian and select international indices. Our products and services include weekly publications, comprehensive quarterly index reviews and a special topic series that examines different trends in Canadian indexing.

For more information, please visit our Portfolio Trading & Index Group capabilities page.

Electronic Execution Services: DMA and Direct Access Algorithms

Scotiabank is dedicated to providing clients with scalable and customizable solutions for electronic trading. Our electronic execution team will assess your trading needs and provide you with appropriate tools to trade in markets across the Americas. We provide execution services through a variety of front-end trading execution management systems or directly via FIX. For more information, please visit our Electronic Execution Services capabilities page.

Equity Finance & Prime Brokerage

Scotiabank has been involved in securities lending since the early 1980s and is now one of Canada's largest lenders of Canadian and U.S. equities. This portion of the business involves margin financing and the lending of equities to hedge funds and other broker-dealers. As well as the traditional prime broker services of custody, securities lending and margin finance, Scotia Prime Brokerage can assist in access to research, sales and trading, structured and other synthetic products, cash management and online FX trading. For more information, please visit our Prime Services site.

Scotia TradeChat

Scotia TradeChat leverages the technology and global network of NYSE Technologies' ioinet platform. Alongside ioinet, Scotia TradeChat brings Canadian equity traders a broker-neutral, world-class IOI platform to advertise Canadian liquidity and source liquidity from around the world. For more information please contact scotia.tradechat@scotiabank.com

For further information, please contact any of our offices.