Money Markets

Our extensive expertise in both the domestic and international money markets provides Scotiabank's corporate and institutional clients with innovative short-term liquid investment opportunities and solutions.

From coordinating financing to enhancing portfolio performance, we assist both borrowers and investors in surpassing their investment goals. Working closely with other members of Scotiabank, our customized solutions are designed to help clients enhance performance return while mitigating interest-rate and/or currency risk exposure.

Our team of money market experts is focused on providing customized solutions designed to meet clients' individual investment or financing requirements:

  • Institutional, commercial and retail desks serving a diverse range of clients;
  • Full-service execution teams providing access to domestic and global markets;
  • Distribution of a full range of competitively priced money market products;
  • Providers of liquidity through secondary markets;
  • Insightful advice and service.

Short-Term Investment Solutions

Scotiabank, through a combination of industry expertise, geographic presence, product capabilities and a strong client focus, offers its clients creative strategies and appropriate structures to meet their overall financial objectives. Both Domestic (Canadian) and International Money Markets offer a full range of currency products and deliver integrated risk management solutions to manage portfolio risk exposure:

Domestic Money Markets International Money Markets
Federal & provincial debts and guarantees Eurodollar time deposits
Corporate/Finance paper Foreign currency deposits
Securitization paper Commercial paper (Primary)
Bankers' Acceptances (BA's) Short-term interest rate derivatives
Stripped bonds Yankee certificates of deposit (YCD's)
Short corporate and government bonds Eurodollar certificates of deposit (Primary)
Forward rate agreements Bankers' Acceptances (BA's)
Bankers' acceptance futures Canadian dollar CP Treasury Bills and Time Deposits
Interest-rate options U.S.-Pay Canadian issuer commercial paper
Municipal notes Asset-Backed commercial paper
Money market auction preferred/debentures Repurchase agreements
Investor Solutions Peso Products
Floating rate notes  
Term deposits  
Bank deposit notes  
Collateral loans  


To learn how our solutions can work for you, call:

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International Money Markets and Funding

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New York
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