Structured Finance/Securitization

Scotiabank is a leading provider of innovative securitization solutions in North America and Europe, having led in transactions for assets such as auto loans and leases, personal lines of credit, credit cards, trade receivables and mortgages.

We assist financial institutions and corporate clients with a wide range of specialized projects that require complex legal, tax and/or quantitative financial expertise. We have been successful in addressing unique financing challenges faced by a broad range of public and private clients through the development and execution of innovative capital solutions. Serving in both advisory and underwriting roles, we have been successful in helping our clients access low cost financing and diversify their funding sources.

In Canada, our securitization professionals have extensive experience securitizing a wide array of financial assets and have demonstrated market leadership in both the term ABS and short-term ABCP markets. Scotiabank administers two Canadian securitization conduits, King Street Funding Trust and Bay Street Funding Trust. All transactions included in King Street and Bay Street are supported by global style liquidity facilities provided by Scotiabank. For more information on our Canadian conduits, please login at Scotiabank’s Canadian ABCP Conduits. To request access, please provide your contact details to

In the United States, Scotiabank manages various structured financing programs that are designed to provide corporations with a low-cost method of funding financial assets. The structured financing programs involve the pledge or sale of ownership interests in the financial assets to a special purpose multi-seller conduit, Liberty Street Funding Corporation. For more information, please visit our Liberty Street page.


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