The Scotiabank Women Initiative

Episode 26: Presented by The Scotiabank Women Initiative: The “S” of the ESG Triangle

November 25, 2020

Patrick Bryden and Fanny Doucet put the social factors under the spotlight, as more institutional investors formalize ESG analysis into their investment thesis. 



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The investment community has embraced Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) with more and more institutional investors formalizing ESG analysis into their investment thesis. Environmental factors have captured most of the headlines for some time, as nations and corporations have recognized the climate crisis, and have been taking steps to address and reverse negative environmental impacts before it's too late. Governance factors have even deeper roots. Institutional investors have been evaluating and calling for stronger board stewardship for decades now, but aspects of the S, the social factors, have been comparatively ignored. Institutional investors have realized that Diversity & Inclusion in an organization is a predictor of superior performance. On this episode of Market Points, we present key highlights from a recent webcast titled The “S” of the ESG Triangle, where Scotiabank ESG and Sustainable Finance experts put social factors under the spotlight.


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Patrick Bryden

Head of Environmental, Social and Governance Research




Fanny Doucet

Director, Debt Capital Markets and Sustainable Finance





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