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What happens to ESG now and in a post-pandemic world?

July 17, 2020


Welcome to this year’s publication of An Attendee’s Notebook: Lessons Learned from the 2nd Annual ESG Conference and Sustainability Summit. Who would have guessed a year ago that we would host a virtual event amid a global pandemic? Not us. Recent events have vast societal and economic ramifications, which are not only felt acutely today but will also send shockwaves of change and disruption well into the future.


The theme of our June 17-18 event was Circling the Globe to Better See the Unseen – What Happens to ESG Now and in a Post-Pandemic World? The overarching aim of our event was to more deeply investigate the implications of these developments, not only today’s marketplace dynamics but also, more importantly, for tomorrow and beyond. Quite simply: what does our future look like? We fully appreciate that no one has all the answers, but we aimed to evaluate and probabilistically weigh all ESG matters of importance over two days of expert commentary from our speaker participants. This report further attempts to identify and understand the investment themes of importance that will shape future risks and returns.



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