Sponsorship in Latin America

Scotiabank Fútbol Club

At Scotiabank we support football at all levels because of the values it teaches and its ability to transform individuals and build stronger, more vibrant communities. We believe in the transformative power of football and the positive impact is has on young people, on and off the field. This is why we support football related programs and initiatives across Latina America and the Caribbean, aiming to deliver these benefits to the youth in our communities. Every year, over 40,000 kids are benefited from Scotiabank Fútbol Club programs.


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Campeonato Infantil

The Scotiabank National Under-11 Youth Championships run across six Latin American countries, including Mexico, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Panama. The Championships offer the opportunity for 7,500 children annually to develop their potential through the practice of football and by the learning of important values such as hard work, teamwork and respect.


The FutbolNet festivals, in partnership with the Barça Foundation impact thousands of girls, boys and youth who live in vulnerable conditions and with special needs every year across Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica. This program helps to improve the lives of many children and youth, using football and other sports-related activities as a tool for education, inclusion and the reinforcement of fundamental values such as respect, tolerance and teamwork. 

Scotiabank Red Footballs

Indestructible footballs as unstoppable as our children! In partnership with One World Play, Scotiabank is donating thousands of balls across Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia and Chile – supporting the programs of multiple local NGOs and benefitting hundreds of thousands of children across these countries.

Scotiabank Concacaf U13 Champions League

The Scotiabank CONCACAF U13 Champions League is a regional tournament which brings together the top 16 club teams in the under 13 category from eleven Concacaf Member Associations to compete in the region’s premiere U13 football event. This the youngest age group to compete in an official CONCACAF event.

Women’s Amateur Fútbol Leagues

Scotiabank sponsors the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) Sector Amateur Liga Nacional Amateur Femenil in the U13, U15, U17 and U20 categories. This sponsorship supports over 10,000 girls in over 500 teams across all of Mexico.

Scotiabank CONCACAF NextPlay Cup

The Scotiabank CONCACAF NextPlay Cup is a grassroots program implemented in Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, which uses football as a vehicle to make a positive impact on children’s lives. This pan-regional Scotiabank competition, which is held in collaboration with Concacaf, has been designed to provide boys and girls with an opportunity to learn and practice football skills, while fostering a wide range of social values. 

FC Barcelona Visit

The champions from our Scotiabank National Under-11 Youth Championships in Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile and Mexico are awarded an FC Barcelona-themed experience of a lifetime! They win a trip to Barcelona which includes training clinics at the world famous FCB Academy, friendly matches with the Academy teams, a visit to the FCB museum and a chance to watch an FCB match at the legendary Camp Nou.

Campos de Fútbol

Since 2016, Scotiabank began the construction and renovation of football fields in the countries we operate in Latin America. Through the Campos de Fútbol program, Scotiabank installs Futbol-7 fields in marginalized communities, contributing greatly to the development of community soccer and providing access to safe and healthy activities to its children. By the end of 2019, there will be 15 fields installed across Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica and Uruguay benefiting over 45,000 kids.

Scotiabank Child Mascots

Prior to each Scotiabank Champions League, CONCACAF League and Gold Cup match, Scotiabank provides 22 kids, between the ages of 6-10, with the opportunity to join their favourite players as they arrive on the field. With this program, Scotiabank is inspiring children by fulfilling their dreams of meeting top professional players, as well as reminding the players that children are looking up to them. Every year, over 1,500 kids participate from across North America, Central America and the Caribbean.