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Diego Masola, EVP and Country Head of Scotiabank Chile, shares the importance that Chile Day has for the country and how this initiative brings foreign investors and business opportunities to Chile.

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Taking place on May 28-29 in Toronto and May 30-31 in New York, Chile Day will host executives, leading investment funds, banks, and senior authorities, with the purpose of promoting Chile as an investment destination and strengthening economic and financial relations between countries. The event is organized by the private corporation InBest, in partnership with the Chilean Ministry of Finance.

Scotiabank is proud to be the main sponsor of this public-private initiative for the second year, as part of its commitment to Chile, where the Bank has operations since 1990. Chile is one of Scotiabank’s core markets across our Americas footprint, and the Bank is committed to promoting Chile’s growth, deepening the relationship between Chile and Canada, and being a contributor to the international positioning of the country. Scotiabank has close to 6,000 employees in Chile, and our local operations closed-out 2023 with a market share of 13.99% and the best risk rating in the industry (Fitch Ratings).

This event has been held annually since 2007 in New York and London and, for the second time, Toronto will be a host city. According to data provided by the Central Bank of Chile, Canada is the main origin of foreign investment in Chile, with US$36,216 million in 2022.1

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Carolina Musalem, Director of Government Affairs at Teck Resources Limited, invites Chilean and Canadian investors and corporates to participate and connect at Chile Day 2024.

Toronto, May 28-29 | New York, May 30-31