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Efficient access to global capital markets to help drive your strategy forward.

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You know where you want to take your business, and we can help you get there. We provide quick and efficient access to capital markets globally, with expert market knowledge, top quality execution, and the backing of Scotiabank’s strong distribution network. Our on-the-ground presence in key geographies provides targeted and meaningful insight.

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Jim Morris, Managing Director and Head of Global Capital Markets, Latin America, explores why investors are turning to Latin America, and how Scotiabank maintains the critical interconnectivity between North American institutional investors and Latin American investments.

Equity Sales and Trading

Scotiabank is a leading global provider of equity sales and trading services. We offer distinctive views, innovative ideas, and advanced trading analytics, execution and settlement capabilities. Our cash trading, portfolio trading, electronic execution and ETF services desks strive to maximize access to liquidity, while minimizing market impact in all areas – whether through blocks, working orders or other mandates, including ETF market making.

Fixed Income Sales and Trading

We provide investors with an integrated approach and perspective on fixed income, emerging markets, and money markets – delivering comprehensive sales and trading products in major and emerging market currencies. We provide efficient distribution for issuing clients and governments around the world.

Global Expertise

Scotiabank’s global reach – and on-the-ground presence in key geographies – provides targeted and meaningful insight and execution to enhance portfolio performance. As a global dealer, we focus on key markets and product niches where we have deep expertise, including Canada, Latin America, U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific.