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Dougal Middleton and Kevin O’Neil discuss cutting-edge advancements in the global cross-border payments system and what that means for businesses.

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Episode summary:

Game-changing innovations are redefining how money moves across borders. Like how SWIFT gpi and other cutting-edge advancements are paving the way for frictionless, transparent, and lightning-fast global transactions. On this episode of Market Points, you’ll hear from Dougal Middleton, Vice President, Enterprise Payments at Scotiabank and Kevin O’Neil, Director of Strategic Relationships and Head of Canada at SWIFT. They’ll discuss recent advancements, the role of data, and other trends that are transforming the global cross-border payments system. As well as the opportunities for businesses as payments become increasingly instant, borderless and contextual.

Dougal Middleton
Vice President, Enterprise Payments, Scotiabank


Kevin O'Neil
Director of Strategic Relationships and Head of Canada, SWIFT

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