Market Insights

Scotiabank hosted its first full-day conference on ESG in Mexico City on June 5, 2020, coinciding with World Environment Day. The purpose of the conference was threefold:

1. To understand global trends in governance, activism, and ESG from the viewpoint of Morrow Sodali, and learn more about the alignment between Alsea (TP MXN 56.00, Sector Outperform, covered by Rodrigo Echagaray) and Cartica, a global activist in emerging markets;

2. To provide an overview of the ESG “ecosystem" – that is, how credit agencies, the buy side, and the sell side include ESG in their analysis, and the data challenges involved; and

3. To explore how Mexico-based issuers view ESG. Valora, a global consultancy firm, provided insights and valuable content for our panels.


For more information, please contact:

Francisco Suarez
Director, Global Equity Research, Scotiabank Mexico

Phone: 52-55-9179-5209