Agriculture Commodities

Scotiabank provides a full suite of banking services to agricultural producers throughout Canada, and is a leading lender to the food and agri-business sectors in Canada, the U.S., and Latin America. To complement Scotiabank’s strong presence in the agricultural sector, the Commodity Derivatives team provides risk-management and custom financing solutions to producers, merchandisers and consumers of agricultural and energy products.

We work with clients to develop customized financial hedging and financing strategies that are aligned with their risk management objectives. Our capabilities and expertise in the agricultural markets include a broad range of traded agricultural commodities, including grains, oil seeds, livestock, dairy, sugar, cotton, coffee and cocoa among many other products. This broad range of knowledge enables our team to provide valuable advice and timely hedging recommendations to companies across the agricultural spectrum, including producers, merchandisers and end-users. Our clients benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of the agricultural markets, and our full-service product offering that ranges from vanilla hedging products to innovative inventory finance and other liquidity enhancing structures. Through our timely market intelligence and trade execution expertise, we provide clients with a comprehensive platform to help reduce their exposure to commodity price fluctuations.

Our product capabilities include:

Derivative Products

  • Agriculture Swaps
  • Agriculture Options (and related strategies)
  • Customized Structures


  • Inventory Finance
  • Investor Solutions
  • Bespoke Solutions

Our teams offer:

Origination and structuring

  • Our extensive knowledge of the agricultural markets allow us to provide timely market insight and structure hedging solutions tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.
  • With our broad trading expertise, we structure innovative and competitive hedging solutions.


  • We provide competitive market quotes on all traded agricultural products, and bespoke solutions.
  • We provide advice on a broad range of agricultural markets.


  • We structure innovative inventory and trade finance solutions designed to meet various liquidity and financing objectives.


  • Our team publishes research updates on a variety of agricultural markets that incorporate timely market insight and pricing.


For more information on how our solutions can work for you, please contact:

Agriculture Commodities

Brian Manson
Managing Director and Global Head,
Commodity Derivatives
T 403-817-5701