Scotiabank is a leading provider of foreign exchange services for institutional, government, corporate, commercial, and small business clients. We have the expertise and resources to manage your foreign exchange exposure in developed and emerging markets, leveraging integrated trading solutions and multi-bank platforms.

Whether you need the services of our currency experts or want to connect through our online trading platform, ScotiaFX, we provide a trade inquiry screen with real-time market rates in 30 major currencies.

Access our state-of-the-art electronic trading tools through ScotiaRED.

Discover what we have to offer

Seamless Global Coverage

  • 24-hour liquidity

  • Trading desks and sales presence in Canada, United States, Europe, Caribbean, Central America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific


Focus on Execution

  • Spot, forwards, swaps and options

  • Multi-bank platforms including 360T, FXAll, Bloomberg, and FX Connect

Strategy and Ideas

  • Comprehensive sales and strategy approach

  • FX reports focused on trade ideas, market risks, and the unfolding macro outlook

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Contact our foreign exchange experts to navigate our global services.

Ryan O'Keefe
Managing Director and Head, Corporate/Commercial and Retail FX Sales

Phone: 1-800-387-0821

Benjamin Gibson
Managing Director and Head, U.S. FX Sales

Phone: 212-225-5556

Scott Morrison
Managing Director and Head, Commercial Derivative Products and FX Sales

Phone: 416-945-6697

Brendan Stark
Managing Director and Head, Institutional FX Sales

Phone: 1-800-369-1542

General client services

Need assistance? Our ScotiaFX Client Services Team is ready to help.

North America

Phone: 1-877-389-3669


Phone: 1-800-9997-2391

Asia Pacific

Phone: 1-852-2861-4770