Project Finance

Scotiabank is a pre-eminent provider of project advisory and financing services, having consistently ranked in the top tier of project financiers in markets and industries around the globe.

Globally, Scotiabank ranks as a major provider of financing in North America, Latin America, Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region. Across industry groups, we have in-depth expertise and are an active player across a broad range of sectors including power, energy (including pipeline and petrochemical), media & telecom, leisure, mining, forestry, industrial, infrastructure, petrochemical and transportation projects.



John Kirwan
Managing Director and Global Head,
Power & Utilities (Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific)
T 416.945.4746

Michael J. Uhouse
Managing Director,
Global Infrastructure Finance
T 212.225.5603 


Frank Sandler
Managing Director and
Industry Head,
Power Origination
T 416.350.1182