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Scotiabank leaders in attendance for the Bonds & Loans Latin America & Caribbean Gala.
Left-to-right: Samuel Bordereau, Esteban Romero, Luis Irarrazaval, Franco De Nigris, Juan Fullaondo, Carlos Garcia, Aleksa De La Torre, and Luis Bolaños.

Left-to-right: Kshamta Kaushik, Kay Lazidis, Jake Lawrence, Lauren Malafronte, Jim Kelly, Michelle Khalili, Martha Wyatt, Loretta Marcoccia, Dominic Cole-Morgan, Barb Mason, and Michael Kruse.

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Scotiabank is proud to have been recognized with six Bonds & Loans Latin America & Caribbean Awards 2022, which recognize the year’s most innovative and ground breaking deals and institutions from the region.

Scotiabank was named Andean Investment Bank of the Year in 2022 and was also recognized for its participation in the following milestone transactions:

  • Investment Grade Corporate Bond Deal of the Year: America Movil (Sitios)
  • Syndicated Loan Deal of the Year: KKR (Project Alameda)
  • Acquisition Finance Deal of the Year: Ecopetrol
  • PEN Deal of the Year: Multimercados Zonales (Minka)
  • CLP Deal of the Year: Digital Bridge (Project Ocean)

“Scotiabank is very proud to have been named Andean Investment Bank of the Year and to have been recognized for supporting our clients with landmark, innovative transactions across Latin America and the Caribbean,” said James Neate, President and Group Head of Corporate and Investment Banking, Global Banking and Markets, Scotiabank. “These awards are a testament to Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets’ commitment to delivering superior advice and solutions along with flawless execution to help our clients achieve their goals.”

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