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Since its launch, the Scotia TranXactTM digital payments platform has empowered industry-leading digital innovators to serve their clients.

ZayZoon is creating seamless customer experiences through embedded payments solutions.

With TranXact, this digital-first firm is achieving new efficiencies, enabling innovations, and scaling its business to the next level.

Scotiabank supports ZayZoon’s customer experience and value proposition by integrating banking and payment services directly into its platforms through APIs. 

Powering innovation by embedding banking and payments into our clients’ user experience

Launched in 2022, Scotia TranXact plays a key role in fostering innovation with Scotiabank clients and leaders in Canada’s fintech ecosystem. Scotiabank teams continue to collaborate with some of Canada’s most innovative fintechs to support their user experiences while helping them deliver faster payments to improve the financial wellness of Canadians

ZayZoon is a fintech working to revolutionize how people get paid by pioneering access to Earned Wage Access (on-demand pay). In a climate of constant evolution, Scotia TranXact is helping this digital-first company bring its vision to life and deliver stronger user experiences and outcomes for its clients.

Hyper-focused on driving better outcomes for clients

The Scotiabank team starts with a rigorous discovery process to align with the need of clients and their customers. “We’re hyper-focused on our clients’ digital transformation and their need to automate their payment and cash management processes to increase efficiency, eliminate manual processing, and streamline their customer experience,” said Mike Suppa, Head of Digital Payments and Partnerships, Scotiabank.

“We start by working with clients to understand their unique use cases. The more time we spend recognizing their workflow and mapping thoughtful solutions, the more we can identify an embedded solution that unlocks a better customer experience,” he explained. “We are proud to enable ZayZoon and all our clients with API enabled solutions to the payments and banking services they need to deliver the user experience they are striving for.”

"ZayZoon's mission to help save one million working Canadians one billion dollars is ambitious and achievable, thanks to Scotiabank and the Scotia TranXact API,” says Shubh Sidhu, GM of Canada, ZayZoon. “By working with ZayZoon to give employees access to their earned wages, employers can improve employee engagement, keep employees longer and save money on recruiting costs. EWA is working to evolve payroll to satisfy the needs of both the employee and the employer.”

Established: 2016    |    Located: Calgary, AB

Description: ZayZoon is a financial empowerment platform for small- to mid-sized businesses, providing on-demand pay to their employees.

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