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Loretta Marcoccia, Jennifer Frook, Julia Cowan, and Mike Merkley share their experiences in navigating Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets’ workplace return efforts.

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The COVID-19 pandemic rages on. As we enter a second wave, we must learn from our experiences these past few months and do what we humans do best: adapt. Armed with new knowledge, businesses have been meeting the challenge head on and reopening their offices in ways that best serve the needs of their employees and customers. Scotiabank started its learning curve early. As a global bank, it benefitted from on-the-ground experience in Asia and quickly maneuvered to evolve its practices as the virus moved around the world. In this episode of Market Points, we share key highlights from a recent webcast, Workplace Re-Entry: Lessons Learned, A Scotiabank Perspective, where leaders discussed their experiences through our collective journey overcoming a once-in-a century challenge.

Want to hear more? Listen to the full replay of our virtual session, Workplace Re-Entry: Lessons Learned, A Scotiabank Perspective, presented by The Scotiabank Women Initiative for Global Banking and Markets.

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