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The Scotiabank Women Initiative for Global Banking and Markets spoke with Michelle Khalili, Managing Director and Head, Global Equity Capital Markets, and here is what she had to say about the program and her role as Lead Advisor on the Advisory Pillar.

Q&A Session

Q. With The Scotiabank Women Initiative celebrating its first anniversary in Global Banking and Markets, what are you most proud of so far?

A. The Bank initially launched The Scotiabank Women Initiative in 2018, as a way to support Canada’s women-owned, women-led businesses and is part of its commitment to economic inclusion.

In December 2019, we launched The Scotiabank Women Initiative for Global Banking and Markets.  We took the elements of the initial program and with feedback from our clients, we designed a program for women – from emerging leaders to senior executives – to pursue their best professional futures and take their businesses even further. Our program is bespoke and built around exclusive access to Advisory, Education, and Innovation solutions.  

I’m extremely proud of the program that the team has delivered, and what they have accomplished since its launch in Global Banking and Markets.

Q. What has the Advisory Pillar been focusing on over the past year?  

A. Our Advisory Pillar is designed to support women clients in senior leadership roles on their path to board participation, helping both new and seasoned board members elevate their effectiveness. We’re also focused on helping corporate clients who are seeking increased diversity on their boards.

In our first year, the team launched a Good Corporate Governance Program with Scotiabank’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary and Chief Corporate Governance Officer, Julie Walsh. Over three sessions, participants explored best practices, board effectiveness expertise and emerging trends, while enhancing their skills and potential as a board director. The feedback on the learning experience was extremely positive, with participants gaining tangible professional development for both their current and future roles.

Q. What are the plans heading into year two?

A. With the success of the inaugural Good Corporate Governance Program, planning is already underway for additional sessions in 2021. We also have an impressive roster of senior women who have exceptional business experience and are good candidates for corporate board seats. So, we will be working closely with our corporate clients who are looking to diversify and strengthen their boards.

It is going to be another busy and exciting year ahead for the Advisory Pillar, and for The Scotiabank Women Initiative in Global Banking and Markets overall. 

Q. In addition to your leadership for The Scotiabank Women Initiative, can you tell us a little about the team you lead in Global Equity Capital Markets?

A. The Global Equity Capital Markets team is a remarkable and diverse group of professionals who are based in Toronto and New York, covering Canadian, US, and LatAm capital markets. They’re responsible for the origination, structuring, syndication and execution of all equity and equity linked transactions. We work closely with many partners across Global Banking and Markets and the broader Bank – Corporate & Investment Banking, Equity Sales & Trading, Corporate Access, and Wealth Management to name a few.

Everyone has been working very hard to help our clients in this unusual market environment. As with the global financial crises, companies are turning to equity capital markets as a viable solution to mitigate challenges in their capital structure, as well as to proactively raise funds to position them well for future growth. We will continue to work closely with our clients, including advising them on important market and regulatory developments, structuring options, and institutional and retail investor targeting.

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