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Scotiabank has been recognized with a record of eleven wins in the 2024 Global Finance Sustainable Finance Awards, including Best Bank for Sustainable Finance in North America and Chile, and a global award for Best Bank for Sustainable Financing in Emerging Markets.

Global Finance’s 2024 Sustainable Finance Awards recognize global, regional and local leadership in Sustainable Finance. Winners are selected by the editors of Global Finance based on entries for consideration as well as independent research.

The full list of recognitions for Scotiabank by Global Finance include:

Best Bank for Sustainable Financing in Emerging Markets

Latin America
Best Bank for Transition/Sustainability-Linked Loans
Best Bank for ESG-Related Loans

Best Bank for Sustainable Finance in Chile
Best Bank for Sustainable Finance in Canada (third year)

North America
Best Bank for Sustainability Transparency (fourth year)
Best Bank for Sustainable Finance
Best Bank for Sustainable Financing in Emerging Markets
Best Bank for Social Bonds
Best Bank for ESG-Related Loans
Best Bank for Transition/Sustainability-Linked Bonds (second year)

“We are here to support our clients as they move forward on pursuing their environmental and social goals,” said Paul Scurfield, Global Head, Capital Markets, Global Banking and Markets at Scotiabank. “Across the world, our Sustainable Finance and global banking teams are providing our clients with advisory services and assisting to mobilize capital through innovative financial tools to achieve their sustainability objectives.”

Scotiabank’s dedicated Sustainable Finance Group has grown significantly since its inception in 2020 and is a leader in developing innovative sustainable lending, advisory and underwriting solutions to support the Bank’s diversified clients across its global presence. The team produces thought leadership and market insights for clients and engages at various local and international sustainable finance events to further the discourse and raise awareness with a range of stakeholders.

Advancing Financing for climate solutions is an important pillar of Scotiabank’s climate strategy. The Bank has set a goal to provide CAD$350 billion in climate-related finance1 by 2030. Since November 1, 2018, the Bank has provided CAD$132 billion towards that goal (as at end of FY2023). Scotiabank recently published its 2023 Climate Report, which outlines the Bank’s global climate goals and progress.


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1 As defined in the 2023 Climate Report, climate-related finance consists of those products and services (such as lending and advisory services) as well as the types of transactions (such as sustainability-linked loans or dedicated purpose loans), which support, among other things, climate change mitigation, adaptation, pollution prevention, sustainable management of natural resources, biodiversity conservation and circular economy.