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Scotiabank analysts provide a unique perspective on how immigration trends are affecting key sectors of the Canadian economy.

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Episode summary:

Canada’s recent rapid population growth has significantly impacted the economy, posing opportunities and challenges.

On this episode of Market Points, Rodrigo Echagaray, Head of Latam Equity Research and Head of Global Product Management, Equity Research, speaks with a team of analysts about the impact of record high immigration on economic growth. They explore why current immigration numbers are unsustainable without additional investments, and discuss risks to specific sectors if immigration levels decline. You’ll hear from Rebekah Young, Vice-President, Head of Inclusion and Resilience Economics, Meny Grauman, Analyst, Canadian Financial Services, Maher Yaghi, Analyst, Telecom, Media & Cable, and George Doumet, Analyst, Consumer Products.

Podcast Speakers

Rodrigo Echagaray
Head of Latam Equity Research and Head of Global Product Management

Maher Yaghi
Analyst, Telecom, Media & Cable

Rebekah Young
Vice-President Head of Inclusion and Resilience Economics

George Doumet
Analyst, Consumer Products

Meny Grauman
Analyst, Canadian Financial Services

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